See Below for class prices, descriptions, and weekly schedule at glance. 

Our classes are specific to Tara Yoga and created by studio owner Tara Blumenthal. After 15 years in the yoga industry, fads come and go, but good movement and mechanics last a lifetime! Please check out our class descriptions below. If you have questions as to which class is right for you, please send us a note to! Thank you! 

Weekly schedule group classes at Tara Yoga 

Monday Noon yogaOne     Lisa

Monday 5:45 pm  sloflow advanced     Ann

Tuesday 6:15 am  fmFit     Tara

Tuesday 9:30 am   fmYoga gentle     Katie

Tuesday Noon  yogaOne     Tara

Tuesday 5:45 pm   fmYoga     Katie

Wednesday 6:15 am fmFit     Dave

Wednesday 9 am sloflow       Ann 

Wednesday 5:45 pm $5 Community yogaOne (until 3/18)    Lee 

Thursday 6:15 am fmFit     Dave

Thursday 9:30 am  fmYoga gentle     Tara

Thursday Noon  yogaOne       Ann

Thursday 5:45 pm fmYoga     Tara 

Friday noon fmFit     Ann 

Saturday 9:30 am fmYoga     Tara

Saturday 10:45 am fmYoga gentle     Katie

Saturday 12:15 pm  sloflow     Sadara

Sunday 9:30 am  fmYoga     Sadara

Sunday 2:30 pm  yogaOne     Nick 

monthly offerings 

FIRST Sundays ONLY 3:45pm restorative yoga        Angel

SECOND Sundays ONLY 10:45am fmYoga adv. + meditation   Tara/Nicole


Functional Movement Yoga ® fmYoga  classes include anatomy and movement principles, tissue maintenance, as well as yoga poses to optimize your everyday life. Applied and practiced consistently, FM Yoga (functional movement yoga) can help combat stress, address postural issues, build overall strength, and create healthy mobility. 

 fmYoga gentle  

Looking to restore or create healthy movement patterns? This class accommodates most individuals dealing with loss of ROM (range of motion), auto-immune issues (such as RA or fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue, and high stress. Also a wonderful option for our prenatal practitioners. Increase calm, decrease anxiety with this wonderfully affirming class. Beginner friendly. 


Add an additional layer of strength and mobility with this upbeat class. fmFit works upper body, abs, and lower body using bodyweight, light weight, and fmYoga techniques. Sweat is expected, happiness is a byproduct! Not suitable for those with wrist, knee, or shoulder issues. Set to awesome playlist, this class gives students the chance to get their “workout in”, and is a great compliment to your athletic training, marathon training, or yoga training as well.   


The entire premise of yoga is based on a sense of unity or “one-ness”, but what does that mean? How about not feeling scattered?  Not being in a rush? Increase focus, strength, balance, and stability while enjoying a wide variety of poses. No matter how long you’ve been doing yoga, this class will keep you going long term!


The way flow was intended! Flow, loosely derived from the word vinyasa, that means to place with intention.  Our sloflow  gives you the extra burn you were looking for, without feeling like you’re playing “catch up” in your yoga class. Increase stamina, decrease sluggishness, all while enjoying a chill playlist!  This challenging yoga class builds heat naturally and will leave you “glistening”. This class is NOT recommended for beginners or those with any injuries or significant loss of range of motion.

 sloflow  + meditation

Special Friday night sloflow class with an added meditation time in the end. What a great way to close out your work week and settle in to the weekend. This class is NOT recommended for beginners or those with any injuries or significant loss of range of motion.

sloflow advanced

For advanced and seasoned practitioners only. Suggested 3 month regular practice at Tara Yoga prior to joining. Take your sloflow  practice to the next level with this sweaty, challenging, complex flow. 

Monthly offerings:

Both of these monthly offerings are included in our class packages.

restorative yoga 

This may be yoga’s secret weapon! Press the restart button with this self-care offering the FIRST Sunday of every month. This true “relaxation” class gives you a chance to unplug and go into “power saving mode”. Suitable for all levels, Accessible to those with loss of range of motion, as well as those suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and/or high stress. Increase peace, decrease anxiety. Meets the FIRST SUNDAY of the month only at 3:45pm.

fmYoga advanced + meditation 

90 minute class. It is a led practice of advanced asana and movement, and closes with meditation. For advanced and seasoned practitioners only. Suggested 3 month regular practice at Tara Yoga prior to joining. Not suitable for those new to yoga or those with injuries or loss of ROM. If unsure if this class is right for you, please seek instructor guidance via email

Specialty Classes:

fmYoga for Athletes

 Offered at the studio or off site in group or single private sessions. These classes/clinics are designed with specific sport in mind, and are a great compliment to athlete’s strength and conditioning program.

Email to register for our  next clinic, or hire her for offsite team work.

Benefits of our program include: recovery, increased mobility and speed, decrease tightness, and injury prevention. Tara has been working with professional athletes for over 10 years. References available upon request.

Kid’s Yoga – age appropriate 

Offered periodically. Check website for next offering. To book one of our instructors for kid’s yoga at your school, please email

Adult Hoops Classes
Offered periodically. Check website for next offering, or email for your next hooping event or party.
Please read class descriptions carefully and email if you have questions about which classes would best meet your needs.

Tara Yoga Pricing and Packaging Options 

FIRST CLASS IS $5 (This is for NEW students only. Does not apply to workshops, trainings, or special events. )
Drop in fee                                  $18
Student* drop in                        $12 (sold in studio only)

Class packages 

6 classes $78                       ($13 per class – does not expire) 

8 classes $96                       ($12 per class – does not expire) 

10 classes $111                   ($11 per class – does not expire) 

12 classes $120                   ($10 per class – does not expire)

Student discount packages (sold in studio only with valid ID*)

6 classes for $60                ($10 per class – does not expire) 

8 classes for $72                ($9 per class – does not expire) 

Monthly unlimited (30 day pass- expires) 

$115.00 (automatic draft available) 

$200 couples monthly unlimited

Please note workshops and special events NOT included in packages. 

Private single and group sessions and athletic sessions available upon request. 


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.