Tara Blumenthal,​ is Mississippi girl through and through. She is a long time Jackson resident, with roots stretching out into Rankin County, as well as White Oak, MS. 

She is a wife, proud stepmom, and local business owner. She has been immersed in yoga and movement for over 14 years.

Tara is recognized by the National Yoga Alliance, as an E-RYT 500 (experienced instructor), and YACEP (continuing education provider).  Tara Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga School, RYS 200, is also approved by and in accordance with the standard set forth by Yoga Alliance. She also has her B.S. in Psychology from Mississippi College.

Tara’s extensive training in yoga anatomy, movement, and therapy, partnered with her craft in the art and skill of teaching yoga allows her to connect to and work effectively with all of her students. While being fortunate enough to have studies with over a dozen nationally and internationally recognized yoga instructors, Tara’s primary study over the last 8 years has been with Jordan Bloom. The cutting edge movement principles are her passion to teach, and she affectionately refers to it as “yoga for functional movement training”. These techniques have been successful with everyone she’s worked with, from high performance athletes, to the supermom raising kids. 

In the past, Tara has joined forces with Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease at St. Dominic’s Hospital as a Stress Management Instructor.  A former lululemon ambassador to the local community, Tara is currently directing her energy in community service work to focus solely on Non-profits. Tara Yoga studio is proudly partners with: The McClean Fletcher Center, Mississippi’s only grief center for children; as well as ARF of MS, a local, no-kill animal facility. She also volunteers with, and serves on the Board for the Center for Violence Prevention. When she’s not playing wonder woman, Tara enjoys hula hooping, cycling, playing drums, and listening to music.

On life and yoga: “I lost a lot early on. My first death was my granddad. I don’t remember my exact age, but I was still using construction paper and coloring way outside of the lines. Then my mom died when I was in the 2nd grade,  and my dad died my freshman year of high school. That wasn’t supposed to happen. In my mind, the only kids I knew that had lost both parents were fictional characters in the movie ​ ​Annie.  As a child experiencing multiple losses, my subconscious frame of mind became, ‘who’s next’?’. The thing is, you can survive a long time with a mindset that’s on the defensive, that’s harmful to your well being, that diminishes your everyday joy. But is that really what you want?

That’s where yoga came in. When I first started going to classes, I had terrible balance, back pain, and scoliosis. The ‘poses’ didn’t come easy for me, and it was hard to relax, but my back pain began to slowly diminish, and my balance got much better. Most notably, however, my mood changed. My outlook changed. My state of mind changed. The weight on my shoulders became lighter and I got better at dealing with stressful situations. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I started looking for what was good. There was so much good in my life, but I had been so busy ‘preparing for the worst, preparing for the next death’, that I wasn’t giving myself permission to enjoy the good stuff. If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to give yoga a try. 


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