Private Sessions offered: Yoga and Mobility for Athletes, Beginners, & Prenatal Yoga  


Tara has had the privilege of working with some of the greatest National and International yoga teachers, with a specific emphasis on anatomy, movement, and yoga therapy. She also has extensive training in the philosophy, history, and systems of yoga as well. This expansive background allows Tara to work effectively and successfully with her clients.

INJURIES AND LIMITED MOVEMENT: If you are dealing with a significant injury or loss of range of motion, we recommend consulting with your doctor before starting yoga. For those finishing with PT and cleared by your physician, we recommend a few private sessions before you enter into a public class. These sessions are designed to educate you on safety and movement, as well as help you build confidence to enjoy everyday activities.  Also, our instructors will help you segue safely into the yoga or fitness class that’s right for you. Additionally, the instructors at Tara Yoga are very willing work with your health care providers if necessary. Please email for more information, and include any injury(ies), diagnosis,or illness.

PRIVATE YOGA and MOBILITY FOR ATHLETES: These one on one sessions for athletes includes an initial assessment of ROM and mobility. Sessions are focused on increasing ROM and functional movement for optimal performance. Contact with your sport, position(s), and goals.

Tara has worked with high school and college athletes, as well as pros. With the help of  Yoga and Mobility for Athletes, players and teams have the opportunity to increase flexibility, ROM, and speed, while significantly decreasing the chance of common sports related muscle injuries. Both group and private sessions available.

Tara Yoga athletic performers include: football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, dance, hockey, and track and field.

Athlete testimonial:  “Tara is unbelievable at her craft!  She introduced me to yoga and I found that it benefited me greatly in my professional career.  Yoga increased my flexibility, my power and my speed, but also reduced my chance of injuries. I would recommend yoga to everyone, no matter their goal.” – Chris, professional hockey player, no pun intended!

BEGINNERS PRIVATE SESSIONS: Private lessons are designed with your specific needs in mind, and are an hour in length. Our certified, well trained instructors are ready to serve you!  Jump start your yoga practice with a few private lessons. Please note private sessions are not necessary for joining classes. New friends are welcome to drop in on the class that is level appropriate, and works for your busy schedule. Contact Ann to set up a beginner’s private session today.

PRENATAL PRIVATE SESSIONS: In our prenatal private sessions, expectant mom’s learn the safety precautions and modifications of poses for each phase of pregnancy.  These sweet sessions are designed thoughtfully for expecting moms with the intention of creating a safe and nurturing yoga practice for mom and baby.


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